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NCA Offering Several Virtual Learning Opportunities

Online courses to focus on retaining staff, supercharging CSR performance and more

NEW YORK — The National Cleaners Association recently announced that it will be hosting several virtual learning opportunities for dry cleaners in February and March.

The multi-session courses will be conducted online. For more information, including registration and prices, visit the NCA’s events page.

Dr. Alex Ellis’ Success to Significance

Dr. Alex Ellis will provide participants with a blueprint for owners to follow in building a team for their drycleaning companies. He will cover success to significance and provide leaders with a strategy for finding and retaining a first-class staff.

Key items you will learn in this two-part series include:

  • Where to find a quality candidate
  • Whom to talk to and what to say
  • How to optimize the resource relationship for the best results
  • Tips for identifying the candidate that will fit best
  • Creating a culture to maximize success

The two-day event will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 7 and Thursday, Feb. 9, and will start at 3 p.m. EST each day.

Supercharge Your CSRs' Performance

With the right knowledge, CSRs can instill an appreciation of your expertise, add value through up-selling opportunities, confidently provide reliable results with reasonable expectations, and with effective inspections protect you from unfounded claims.

This six-part program, led by industry expert Alan Spielvogel, is designed to improve the skills of employees to optimize your customers' experience, confidence, and loyalty. Topics will include:

  • Popular fashion trends that require special processing attention.
  • How to identify problem garments.
  • How to identify consumer-related damage.
  • How to comfortably communicate with the consumer what those problems mean to them.
  • How to handle processing risk/reward conversations.
  • How to handle confrontational clients.
  • How to explain up charges for processing specialty garments.
  • How to explain restoration services to correct damaged garments.

This program will be held on six consecutive Thursdays, starting on Feb. 16. Each segment will be one hour long and begin at 3 p.m. EST.

Introduction to Social Media for Small Businesses

Social media has become an increasingly valuable part of a dry cleaner’s marketing arsenal, but making the best use of this tool can be confusing to many. Dawn Avery, NCA’s digital and media marketing director, will offer some of the knowledge she’s gathered in her 15-years of experience to help owners effectively reach their customers.

Topics included in this six-part course include:

  • Why you need to maintain an online presence and what that includes.
  • The steps in creating a social strategy or where you can go to have a social strategy done for you.
  • How to implement your strategy.
  • Key tools and tactics for 2023 example shorts, reels, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google.
  • How to track and measure and what to measure.
  • How to quickly monitor and manage all of the different spaces.
  • Maintaining and improving your online reputation.
  • What is iPhone’s and Android's default browsers and why do you need to know.
  • What is the difference in effectiveness between written reviews and video reviews.
  • How video reviews can 10x your growth?
  • What is user-generated content: how it makes you money, how to generate it, and how and where to use it?
  • Specific tactics for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with posts, videos, shorts, reels, and TikTok.

This program will be held on six consecutive Tuesdays, starting on March 7. Each segment will be one hour long and begin at 3 p.m. EST.


NCA Offering Several Virtual Learning Opportunities

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