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5 Ways to Get Online Reviews for Your Drycleaning Business (Part 1)

To get good online feedback, the first step is to ask for it

CHICAGO — Online customer reviews are essential for growing your drycleaning business and boosting your brand as the preferred choice among your competitors. You need plenty of Google reviews to show up in searches and build trust with potential customers.

Here are some ways to secure more reviews to help boost your business and increase confidence in your brand.

Ask For Reviews in Person

Before asking for a review, you’ve got to have excellent customer service and experience. Focus on providing:

  • High-quality cleaning
  • Timely delivery
  • Friendly customer service
  • Attention to detail

Take the opportunity to ask for a review when a returning customer is picking up their clean clothes. You have a better chance at gathering more reviews when you connect with the customer in person and ask them upfront once you’re aware they’re happy with your service.

You can direct them to your review page by giving them a business card with a QR code to scan, having a sign at your register, or otherwise sharing clear instructions on how to best leave you a review on Google. Whichever you choose, just make your review process as seamless as possible, so customers will be more inclined to give you the feedback you need.

Request Reviews by Emailing Customers

Many businesses use email to request reviews because they’re accessible and easy to scale. The key to a successful email review request is to make sure your message is short, polite and to the point. You can say something like:

Dear [First Name],

Thank you for choosing [Your Dry Cleaner] for [Service]. We hope you love it! If you do, would you consider leaving us a Google review? [URL] Your feedback helps us continue providing great service and provides others like you with valuable insight.

Thank you in advance!

[Dry Cleaner Rep]

Timing is important, and you should send an email review request shortly after a customer picks up their clothes — within one business day. You want to gather their positive thoughts while they’re still fresh. 

Come back Tuesday for the conclusion, where we’ll examine other ways you can gather online reviews for your business.


Get Online Reviews for Your Drycleaning Business

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