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Yarns Spun Here: Summer DJs

CHICAGO — Listen to the grooves your radio disc jockeys, or DJs, are laying down this summer. They rock!

Another type of ‘Jockeys’ are tighty whities. They’re still being worn out there. Or rather, under there.

White clothing, like white briefs, white tees, white shorts, and white dress slacks and shirts are normal summer wear, enjoyed for their cool comfort.

They can get dingy, though.

Not your DJs.... your white clothes!

In American Drycleaner’s Complete Spotting Guide, author Norman Oehlke says: “White garments that come out dingy are probably being cleaned in dirty solvent. Various types of soil loosened in dry cleaning are getting left in the garments, instead of being removed by a sufficient cleaning cycle with proper filtration and distillation.”

He says that sometimes soaking the garment in warm water with detergent will brighten it.

Take some white or pastel items — you know, the light clothing of summer — that you’ve cleaned, and wet-out an area with a volatile dry solvent and tamp.

“If you get a clean area on the garment,” Oehlke says, “You need to clean the solvent with better filtration and probably more distillation and then reclean the item.”

About those tighty whities... A brief Brief about, what else, briefs from Wikipedia; it says they were first sold in Chicago in 1935 and were known as, get ready, Jockeys!

But we were talking about DJs....

Since we’ve brought this back around to radio disc jockeys, this cool photo of a rockin’ DJ, makes total sense, totally! Rock on!

CHICAGO — Grooves your radio disc jockeys are laying down this summer

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