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Hargrove-Avery Appointed as NCA Interim Executive Director

Announcement comes after passing of former director Nora Nealis

NEW YORK — The National Cleaners Association (NCA) has announced the appointment of Dawn Hargrove-Avery as its new Interim Executive Director. This announcement comes as the NCA is also paying tribute to its former executive director, Nora Nealis, who passed away last month.

Hargrove-Avery has been with the NCA since 2002, most recently serving as the organization’s digital marketing manager since 2010.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in technical management, supplemented by certifications in marketing, writing, content, and AI such as certified social media pro and content manager pro, social strategist pro, social strategist with AI pro, and AI writing certification, AI course writing  & certification.

The announcement from the NCA noted that a key aspect of Hargrove-Avery's new role involves working closely with NCA leaders Ann Hargrove and Alan Spielvogel. Hargrove, known for her experience and contributions to the wet cleaning sector along with her years at NCA as director of special events brings her knowledge and insight, while Alan Spielvogel’s technical expertise in industry-specific challenges and opportunities will add value to the team. Collaborating with these  professionals, Hargrove-Avery says she aims to leverage their collective experience to drive innovation and growth within the Association.

“Dawn Hargrove-Avery brings to the NCA a wealth of experience and a progressive vision,” the NCA said in its announcement. “Her primary focus will be to build upon the robust foundation established by Nora Nealis, ensuring that the NCA continues to lead and innovate within the industry. Dawn's commitment to excellence and her strategic approach are expected to be instrumental in advancing the association's mission during this crucial period.”

The NCA looks forward to a future of continued growth and success under Hargrove-Avery leadership, says Bruce Barish, the NCA’s board president, and she has his full support 

"Dawn Hargrove-Avery is uniquely qualified to guide the NCA during this transitional period,” he says. “Her extensive experience and visionary leadership are precisely what the association needs to continue our legacy of excellence and innovation. We are confident that under Dawn's leadership, the NCA will not only honor Nora's legacy but also blaze new trails in the industry."



Hargrove-Avery Appointed as NCA Interim Executive Director

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