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Cleaner Passes the 5-Million-Pound Mark for Wash and Fold

Chicago-area cleaner serviced more than 775,000 pounds in 2021 alone

CHICAGO — CD One Price Cleaners, a major Midwest laundry and dry cleaning franchise, recently announced that it has accomplished an historic feat, washing and folding 5 million pounds of laundry.

Jonathon Reckles, CD One’s Vice President of Marketing, says a combination of new stores, the addition of pickup and delivery, and recent marketing efforts helped the franchise pull off the achievement.

“With workers slowly but surely returning to the office and an increase in weddings and other formal events, we’re excited to see more customers through our doors every day,” Reckles said.

For comparison, the average cotton t-shirt weighs about five ounces, meaning this milestone is equivalent to washing and folding 16 million t-shirts. CD One points out, however that other clothing and materials figured into its achievement.

In 2021 alone, the company states, CD One washed and folded more than 775,000 pounds of laundry. The franchise says it will continue to add to the grand total with CD One’s newest store, which opened in October in Lake Zurich, Illinois, located at 488 S. Rand Rd. The company operates 36 locally owned and operated franchise locations throughout the Chicago market.

Since opening its first store over 20 years ago in Lincolnwood, Illinois, CD One Price Cleaners has established a leading market presence throughout Chicago and the Midwest with its one-price and fast turnaround model.

In the release announcing this achievement, the company states that it has honed its laundry process over time, with team members weighing and tagging every wash and fold order to make sure that nothing goes missing. Then, the team ensures customers’ garments get to the right washing machine, and then head to temperature-controlled dryers that stop drying as soon as the clothes reach the optimal moisture level. This prevents over-drying.

“Doing laundry is a chore that most people hate, especially folding,” Reckles says. “There are so many great things our customers will be able to do with their free time now that we’ve been able to take laundry off their to-do list.”

Cleaner Passes the 5-Million-Pound Mark for Wash and Fold

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