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ABC Joins Efforts to Spearhead Circular Fashion Movement

Organizations lobbying for passage of bipartisan Americas Act bill

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — In an effort to promote sustainable practices within the garment industry, America's Best Cleaners (ABC) recently announced that it is joining the American Circular Textiles Group (ACT) in support of the Americas Trade and Investment Act (Americas Act) to spearhead the Circular Fashion Movement.

Introduced to Congress on March 6, 2024, the Americas Act is a bipartisan bill aimed at revitalizing the garment infrastructure and creating jobs nationwide. 

“With the bold textile reuse and recycling incentive provisions in the Americas Act, organizations in our industry will be able to re-invest in jobs in the U.S. and compete globally, while incubating innovation and R&D and fostering an environment to cultivate public-private capital,” says Rachel Kibbe, CEO of Circular Services Group and Executive Director of American Circular Textiles Group (ACT). “Essentially, we have the opportunity for the U.S. to reposition itself as a global leader through localized circular textile manufacturing.” 

ACT worked closely with Senators Bill Cassidy and Michael Bennett on Sections 232 and 199b of the bill, which incorporates over $14 billion in tax, grant and loan incentive-based strategies for circular fashion-related businesses. 

“Embracing circular policies like those in the Americas Act is a huge start,” Kibbe says. “Circularity is not only a more sustainable way to think about manufacturing, it’s also an urgent opportunity to revive our U.S. textile industry in a manner geared toward the future. This legislation doesn’t end here, however. Real impact also requires consumers and popular culture to lead a massive rallying cry, making overconsumption out of style and shifting focus to spending on fewer, sustainable items the norm.”

“I am filled with immense pride over our collaborative achievements with Rachel Kibbe, fellow American Circular Textiles Group (ACT) members, and our collective efforts to advance the cause of sustainable fashion,” says ABC Executive Director Chris White. “The introduction of the Americas Act to Congress marks a monumental step forward for the textile and garment care industries. This initiative is not just about recycling, repair, aftercare, and reusing; it's about revolutionizing how we view and manage our resources in the fashion industry.”

As an ACT member, ABC works to represent the garment aftercare industry, emphasizing its commitment to supporting independent small businesses in dry cleaning, laundry, restoration, repair, and the integration of sustainable garment care processes to extend the lifespan of today's fashions. Together with its partners, ABC says it is ready to lead the charge towards a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible future.

“We encourage all of ABC's partnering trade organizations, business partners, and clients to join us in supporting this pivotal legislation,” White says. “It's a call to action for all stakeholders in the garment care industry to rally together, ensuring that the Americas Act crosses the finish line. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the sustainable future of fashion, reinforcing the vital role of circular practices in our industry and our economy at large."

ABC Joins Efforts to Spearhead Circular Fashion Movement

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