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Zengeler Cleaners Introduces Updated Look for Company’s 167th Year

Company says environmentally friendly upgrades and brand refresh are on schedule

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Zengeler Cleaners has served communities throughout northern Illinois since 1857. While there are many factors that contribute to a company’s success, the company says, one thing it has focused on throughout the years is to keep its stores fresh, clean and modern-looking. 

In that spirit, the company is wrapping up its most recent round of environmentally friendly equipment upgrades and a modest brand refresh throughout its stores.

“From the time my great-great-great grandfather founded our company, we’ve invested in equipment that uses newly developed technology and processes to improve the quality of fabric care,” says Tom Zengeler, president of Zengeler Cleaners. “That approach requires continuous reinvestment in the machinery that drives our production facilities. As a result, we’ve been able to deliver the quality our customers have come to expect. Helping us meet those expectations are the outstanding relationships with world-class manufacturers such as Sankosha USA.”

Since the beginning of this year, that reinvestment has translated into new drycleaning and laundry equipment at the company’s production plant on Park Avenue in Libertyville. Zengeler Cleaners says it worked closely with Sankosha to overcome a number of obstacles, such as supply-chain delays and labor challenges, all with the goal of providing the best quality while utilizing the most environmentally sensitive equipment and cleaning techniques currently available. All new equipment is now online and in use, providing processes that protect customers’ fabrics, as well as the environment.

Another important part of keeping its stores up to date is to periodically remodel and refresh the brand. In the last two years, Zengeler Cleaners has completely updated the physical appearance and branding in its Northbrook and Peterson Road stores and is scheduled to complete the process in Deerfield and Long Grove by the end of September. 

These improvements are in addition to opening a new facility in Northfield that features many modern conveniences. The remaining two stores — Tower Road in Hubbard Woods and Park Avenue in Libertyville — will be updated and rebranded in early 2024.

Prom Dress Collections Continue For 2021

Zengeler Cleaners will continue prom dress collections to prepare for 2021. Tom Zengeler, president of the family-owned business says, “We have already coordinated with many schools who help collect donations, along with both the Glass Slipper Project and Mothers Trust Foundation. By working together now, we can assure there will be plenty of donated items available for next prom season.” (Photo by: Tim Burke)

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