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SCORE Webinar: Using AI as a Small-Business Resource

July presentation to explore using artificial intelligence tools and strategies

WASHINGTON — Seventy percent of small-business owners are aware of AI tools, but only 40 percent are actively using them, according to a recent webinar hosted by SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), an organization that works to mentor America's small businesses and is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

"AI is the ultimate leverage for scaling a small business," says SCORE Fox Valley mentor Paul Ohlson. "If you're not already using it, or at least learning about it so you can use it soon, you're going to fall way behind your competitors and peers."

On July 25, 2023, SCORE is hosting a free webinar on How to Effectively Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business, where attendees will learn a six-step process for implementing AI tools, as well as actionable strategies for using AI in prospecting, negotiation and closing deals to drive business growth and success. 

How Can AI Help Small Business?

AI tools such as ChatGPT can assist with creating product descriptions, analyzing customer surveys, or drafting social media posts. AI can even write a basic business plan, which entrepreneurs can then take to a SCORE mentor for their help with filling in the gaps and deciding on the next steps.

When working on an onboarding document for a new employee, Eathan Janney turned to AI. "ChatGPT was incredibly helpful in assisting me to create an impressive and informative document very quickly," says Janney, who owns Floating Piano Factory in New York City and is a SCORE client.

Small-business owners should keep in mind that AI still has its limitations. "ChatGPT lacks true comprehension of text like humans do and relies on pattern recognition rather than understanding," says SCORE Bucks County mentor Charlie Morris. "Consequently, it may produce text that seems accurate but is actually misleading or nonsensical."

SCORE offers mentorship in a variety of areas, including computer technology, and is ready to help entrepreneurs determine what their business needs are.

For more information about or to register for the free webinar, visit the webinar’s website.

Using AI as a Small-Business Resource

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