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Nominations Open for CINET Global Best Practices Awards

Awards to be presented at ExpoDetergo in October

OPHEMERT, The Netherlands —The CINET Global Best Practices Awards highlight the efforts of the best of the best in the global textile industry — and nominations for this year’s event are being accepted. 

CINET, an international umbrella association of the professional textile care industry, sponsors the awards, presented every two years to highlight industry best practices and demonstrate the textile care industry’s capabilities and focus on a high standard of quality, new business services, innovation, and sustainability.

The award will be presented at ExpoDetergo in Milan, Italy, Oct. 21-24.

Entrants are graded in areas including sustainability, innovation and overall best practices at the retail textile cleaning (RTC), industrial textile services (ITS) and franchise levels. In addition, young entrepreneur, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and lifetime achievement awards will also be presented.

An independent jury evaluates the nominees for the Global Best Practices Awards on various criteria:

  • Quality — This considers the skills and knowledge that go into maintaining textile quality. Training, education and labor policies are all considered in this area, as well as certifications, if available.
  • Sustainability — Operating a safe and sustainable cleaning operation is another key element for consideration. This includes using state-of-the-art equipment, modern cleaning concepts, optimal working methodologies, and integrated ICT processing to enhance safe and sustainable professional textile care.
  • Business Model and Service Concept — To be considered for the award, cleaners must meet customers’ demands and expectations in a rapidly changing market environment. A clear business model for modern professional textile care is required to excel. The right services contribute to the ease and convenience of customers.
  • Innovation — Staying current and being a leader in the textile market requires innovations in services, implementation of new technologies, and creative entrepreneurial efforts to cope with new customer demands. The ability to stay current — or be a leader — in this area figures into the jury’s decision.

Additionally, owners must be able to offer explanations and provide evidence that their business meets these criteria.

Florida’s Oceanside Cleaners received the CINET Global Best Business Practices Award in 2020, the first North American company to do so.

“We are beyond excited about the award and promise that we will continue to push ourselves and the industry to become better at sustainability, innovation, and improving day to day with our culture,” said Oceanside Owner Michael Harris when receiving the award. “We will take all the information that is being presented to us seriously and use it to enhance our daily lives.”

CINET also will be presenting a program — “Professional Textile Care: In Crisis or in a Global Winning Mood?” — at The Clean Show in Atlanta on Monday, Aug. 1, starting at 9 a.m. EDT.

For more details about the Global Best Practices Awards or for registration information, visit the CINET website at The deadline for applications is Sept. 1, 2022.


Nominations Open for CINET Global Best Practices Awards

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