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EXPOdetergo International Highlighted Sustainability, Evolution

Visitors from more than 100 countries attended event

MILAN, Italy — With 17,144 operators from 106 countries attending the event, the organizers of the 2022 edition of EXPOdetergo International are considering the exhibition a success.

This exhibition — which was titled “Reset. Restart. Together” for 2022 — is held every four years in Europe, and is dedicated to machines, technologies, products and services for laundry, dry cleaning, ironing and textile cleaning. It is organized and promoted by EXPOdetergo and Fiera Milano. This year’s event boasted 250 exhibitors drawn from countries across the globe.

“We met operators from all over the world,” says Marco Sancassani, president of EXPOdetergo International, “and this confirms and reinforces the international role of the event, but above all, the exhibiting companies were able to experience the quality of an evolved and demanding professional visitor, who appreciated the research and development work behind the machines and products on offer at the show.”

“These were days of business and great substance, in which several companies signed contracts,” says Fiera Milano’s Paolo Pizzocaro, director of the exhibition. “The change and innovation that the companies have presented can now find its way into laundries, laying the foundations for the future of this market, with a focus on sustainability, digitalisation and ergonomics, characteristics that are shared by all the present offerings.”

Sustainability and Evolution

The watchword of the event, organizers say, was “sustainability” — doing more with less. This theme has been made even more urgent by the high energy bills, which is a pressing matter for a sector that has high energy consumption. It is estimated that for industrial laundries, given the same gas consumption, the increase in energy costs has reached 600%. Technological advancements and research and development are the answers behind the solutions presented at the event. 

Many of the machines was presented at the exhibition reflected this need for increased efficiencies and sustainability. This included super-fast and energy-saving washing machines, ergonomic and low-consumption ironing systems, fully digitalized machines that can manage the washing/ironing chain remotely, highly effective and environmentally friendly professional detergents and other equipment.

This sustainability focus also included detergents. Ozone technology used in combination with innovative chemicals improves washing efficiency: time is reduced, working at low temperatures (washing at 15 degrees is sufficient) and electricity consumption is reduced, with savings of up to 80%.

The next EXPOdetergo International is expected to be held in October 2026.



EXPOdetergo International Highlighted Sustainability, Evolution

Image provided by EXPOdetergo International

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