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Counting Down with 2020’s Top 10 Stories (Part 1)

Check out our most-viewed entries from the year that wouldn’t end

CHICAGO — The year 2020 is one that we, along with the vast majority of our readership, would very much like to put behind us. Before we do, though, let’s take one last look back at our top 10 stories, based on page views, that we’ve run this year on the American Drycleaner website. We’ll count down No. 10 to 6 today and finish up our list on Thursday, which will be the last web update for the year.

The first half of the Top 10 are:

10. Cleanly and next Cleaners Merge

In April, Cleanly and Next Cleaners, both drycleaning and laundry service providers, announced that they had completed their merger and would go by the name By Next.

As a result of the merger, the new company described itself as “The largest technology-enabled, eco-friendly clothing care provider in the U.S.”

9. Team Wet Clean: Four Owners Discuss Wet Cleaning (Part 1)

Despite the name, dry cleaning has always used chemical solutions to get clothes clean, but a growing number of companies have started to use water to perform these tasks. In Part 1 of this series, American Drycleaner spoke with Michigan-based Curtis Cleaners and Connecticut-based French Cleaners to see why they added water technology to their cleaning arsenal.

8. In Memoriam: Joseph Zanti Jr., Covers Etc.

COVID-19 took Joseph Zanti Jr., founder of Covers Etc., Inc., from us in July 2020 at the age of 71. A beloved figure in the drycleaning industry, Zanti owned a Comet Cleaners franchise in the Dallas area and then moved into selling equipment and plant designs. As a favor, Zanti would help customers put on press covers; it then occurred to him that covers could be a full-time business. This was the root of the idea that would grow into Covers Etc.

7. Team Wet Clean: Four Owners Discuss Wet Cleaning (Conclusion)

American Drycleaner wrapped up this discussion about the emergence of wet cleaning as a tool for garment care by speaking with Brio Cleaners, located in Bellingham, Washington, and Elite Cleaners, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Both cleaners discussed some of the economic and environmental advantages they’ve found in adding the option of wet cleaning to their service.

6. Bleach: A Chemical Tool for Stain Removal — Part 1, Conclusion

Bleach can be a scary substance, but when used correctly, it can make the difference between getting a stain out and having to tell the customer, “we just couldn’t do it.” There are different types of bleach, and selecting the proper one is key to success. In this series, we examine both oxidizing bleach and reducing bleach and when to use each. Good bleach use is a matter of chemistry — and we take a look at the proper way to make bleach your friend, which also makes fast friends with your customers.

Come back Thursday when we’ll finish our list — and the year!

Counting Down with 2020’s Top Stories

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