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No Clean Show … No Problem! (Day 2)

Welcome to the second day of our virtual trade show

CHICAGO — For decades, The Clean Show has been the time and place where the drycleaning community comes together to meet industry leaders and see what they have to offer, both now and in the coming months.

This gathering got pushed back a year because of the pandemic but if there’s one thing this most challenging of times has taught us, it’s that we can roll with the punches and find new methods of reaching our goals.

No Clean Show … no problem!

To fill the gap, American Drycleaner wants to bring our readers together with our display advertisers of 2021 to date and allow you to meet up within our pages.

These companies have been adapting to meet the evolving needs of their clients and finding ways to move the industry forward into better days ahead.

Any claims made in this feature are those of the participants, and not those of American Drycleaner.

Day 2 is kicking off right now — let’s go!


Girbau North America (GNA) — a provider of textile care laundering equipment and support services — says that it can help dry cleaners enter new, profitable markets, including textile restoration, commercial laundry and residential wash-dry-fold, while also increasing plant percentage of cleaned items processed through water.

The array of unique features from GNA’s Poseidon Textile Care Systems® makes it possible to precisely wash and dry virtually any textile type, including wool, LYCRA™, rayon and silk, the company says. This is thanks to heightened machine programmability at a fraction of the cost of dry cleaning with no additional labor finishing work or time, it adds. GNA also claims that Poseidon flatwork ironers allow dry cleaners to serve commercial and residential accounts by quickly ironing bed and table linens. The company says that Poseidon’s textile care solutions are helping shift the professional fabricare industry from traditional dry cleaning of dryclean-only garments into new areas of expertise and service that generate revenue without damage to the environment.

According to GNA, other benefits of Poseidon include a dramatic reduction of capital outlay and increased production per square foot when compared to drycleaning equipment. A Poseidon washer/dryer pair are about a third of the cost of a drycleaning machine, the company says, yet capable of delivering the same quality results in less time. Additionally, GNA says that they offer simple installation, greater productivity and a quick return on investment (ROI).


Pariser Industries has been innovating, manufacturing and providing technical support for drycleaning chemical specialty products for more than 50 years. The company has continually served its customers (both before and during the pandemic) at the field and manufacturing level, it says, working to provide them with the best outcomes in their cleaning applications.

Recently, Pariser has launched several new products:

  • BAC-BAN, a non-bleach laundry sanitizer that provides a residual bacterial barrier after washing.
  • E.Z.DET, a ready-to-use injection detergent for non-immersion spray-type drycleaning machines designed to reduce pre- and post-spotting time requirements.
  • OM DETERGENT, designed, along with a selective blend of solvents and detergents, to degrease and remove oil from table linens in less-than-optimum hot-water applications, without excessive alkalinity.

Pariser says cleaners recognize it for providing quality laundry, drycleaning, and wetcleaning products to the industry, adding that its extraordinary growth across the country substantiates this.

The company is proud of the support it provided to its customers during the pandemic, with its representatives visiting customers and responding to concerns daily. Issues ranged from sampling boilers for water treatment analyses, reprogramming washers or maintaining chemical dispensing systems, and dealing with garment stain or finishing issues to simply commiserating over the lack of business activity. Pariser representatives have remained an asset to their customers.


Sankosha founder Mitsuyuki Uchikoshi began as a dry cleaner. Running a cleaning store, his eyes always went toward one thing – the pressing machines. He was constantly thinking of new machine ideas that would make it easier for dry cleaners to operate their businesses and become more profitable. Eventually, after giving it a lot of thought, he decided to become a manufacturer.

Sankosha says that its reputation is known for providing products with labor-saving designs, coupled with seamless longevity to provide their customers with years of satisfaction.

In today’s times, diversification is a smart strategy to help grow additional business. With this in mind, Sankosha USA says it is excited to announce the latest addition to its lineup.

Its new Shoe and Accessory Dryer will allow cleaners to provide additional services to their existing customer base and attract millennials and non-traditional customers, as well, the company says. There are three different models to choose from to allow cleaners flexibility in selecting the right one for their operations. These dryers come with a compact design and a 40-inch-diameter footprint that saves space, along with simple and easy installation.

“Customer First” and “Supreme Quality” are the mottos that Sankosha says it carries forward in order to satisfy its customers with its products and services for the next quarter-century.

Sankosha USA thanks everyone who has helped them become a recognized and trusted leader in the industry.


Garment Management Systems (GMS) states that its flagship product, the QuickSort Assembly System, provided the industry a more cost-effective and reliable solution to production assembly. Now, GMS looks to do it again with its QuickTAG and 247Express systems.

As a growing number of cleaners look to automation to reduce labor cost, many have turned to automatic baggers. QuickTAG provides a cost-efficient and dependable way to integrate an automatic bagger with the assembly and point-of-sale systems, the company says, and attaches the invoice to an assembled order. By using an automatic bagger with QuickTAG and QuickSort, cleaners can realize immediate labor cost savings with a system that is about half the price of a fully automatic system.

Garment Management Systems says that its newest product, 24/7 Express, will meet your customer’s demand for accessibility and service in a clean environment, all while reducing labor cost. This fully automated drop-off and delivery system provides the convenience of a drop store without the expense of an employee, and service is available to the customer 24 hours a day. Dry cleaners retain their branded presence in the community with a modern store presence, without the inefficiency of a manned drop store.


For more than 90 years, the A.L. Wilson Chemical Co. has been assisting its drycleaning clients with their efforts in removing the stains in their customers’ textiles. By offering several types of high-performance stain removers for the kinds of stains cleaners see most often, as well as an array of specialty products to remove specialized stains, the company says it constantly works to meet the needs of cleaners, no matter what customers bring to the front counter.

With piece counts still down, A.L. Wilson believes that exceeding customer expectations is more important than ever. A.L. Wilson stain removers are great tools for you to use to deliver the highest garment quality possible, the company says. Now more than ever, stain removal matters.

EasyGo® is a versatile drycleaning stain remover and leveling agent, the company says. It can be used as a high-performance spray spotter, a cost-effective P.O.G., and an effective leveling agent for controlling moisture after spotting. A.L. Wilson suggests using EasyGo to help deliver the effective stain removal your customers desire.

A.L. Wilson stain removers are great tools for cleaners to deliver the quality their customers are looking for, the company says, enabling them to achieve a spotless reputation.

The show continues Thursday! Miss the opening of the show? You can find it right here! Day 1

No Clean Show


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