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Counting Down 2022’s Top 10 Stories (Part 1)

Here’s our list of the most popular posts for a challenging year

CHICAGO — The past 12 months saw the industry, challenged like never before, start to recover and look to what promises to be a “new normal.” As we prepare to close the book on 2020, let’s take one last look back at our top 10 stories, based on page views, that we’ve run this year on the American Drycleaner website. Today, we’ll count down No. 10 to 6, and then finish up our list on Thursday.

10. Boosting the Customer Experience (Part 1) (June 14, 2022) — As part of a series on how to avoid becoming a transactional commodity in your customers’ eyes, American Drycleaner spoke with several cleaners to get their take on how to improve the customer experience to the point where your business isn’t just a dry cleaner. You are their dry cleaner. We examined the mindsets and tools necessary to make this happen.

9. Tide Cleaners Lands on Entrepreneur’s 2022 Franchise 500 List (Jan. 19, 2022) — Tide Cleaners, a nationwide on-demand drycleaning and laundry service franchise, was ranked No. 76 in Entrepreneur’s 2022 Franchise 500.

This ranking on the 43rd annual list marked the third consecutive year Tide has been featured in the top 100.

8. Tide Cleaners Listed as Nation’s Top Drycleaning Franchise (Aug. 10, 2022) — The announcement came just before the textile-industry Clean Show 2022 event that Tide Cleaners was the No. 1 drycleaning franchise in the United States.

As year-end 2021 figures were released in franchise disclosure documents, Tide Cleaners took the top spot in drycleaning brand units. Tide’s 188 locations across the U.S., the company states, have continued to grow the brand into one that has garnered multiple franchising awards and recognitions.

7. Making the Move from Cash (Part 1) (April 14, 2022) — While cash may still be king for many business transactions, the kingdom started to shrink as more and more businesses, including dry cleaners, found that digital payment solutions increased convenience and security for both them and their customers. American Drycleaner’s series on this topic spoke with both cleaners and digital payment providers.

Some businesses have even started to go completely cashless, accepting only digital payments. Their reasons for adopting this model included enhanced security, ease of use and other advantages.

6. CleanCloud and DoorDash Integrate Services (Oct. 24, 2022) — CleanCloud, a point-of-sale software provider, made the announcement that its platform now integrates directly with DoorDash Drive. This integration, the company says, enables dry cleaners and laundromats to launch or expand their pickup and delivery in under 24 hours with no upfront cost.

Come back Thursday for the conclusion of this series, where we’ll count down the top 5 most viewed posts and see which one took the top spot!


Counting Down 2022’s Top 10 Stories

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