NEFA Leadership Training Workshop


The North East Fabricare Association (NEFA) has announced that it will be holding a Leadership Training Workshop on Sept. 27 and 28, 2023 in Quincy, Massachusetts. 

The one-day program will be repeated on successive days to allow cleaners to send more of their leadership teams without leaving their businesses understaffed. 

In its announcement release, NEFA says that the program is for dry cleaners who are struggling to find leaders in their organization or find themselves repeating the same actions and not getting the leadership they need. 

The workshop will be presented by The Route Pros’ Jennifer Whitmarsh, an industry veteran who is also the owner of Snappy Dry Cleaning in Williamsville, New York

Topics to develop leadership qualities for owners, managers and key personnel will include:

  • Tools for leader and team evaluation
  • Creating raving fans
  • How to foster a winning culture
  • Defining a leader in today’s world
  • SWOT analysis of companies
  • Common denominators among industry leaders
  • Ways to balance team member wants and company needs

The classes are limited to 20 students on each day, and will cost $129 for member attendees and $229 for non-members. For more information or to register, visit the NEFA website.

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