DRY CLEANER: Spotter (Scottsdale, Arizona)



** No snow, no floods, no hurricanes, no tornados, no cyclones, no rolling blackouts.

RAVE FabriCARE, is a nationally recognized, 35 year old, high quality, high priced dry cleaner/garment care specialist. We ship our dry cleaning and shirt laundry worldwide.

We operate a modern, spacious 11,000 square foot plant in Scottsdale (metro Phoenix, Arizona area).

We are looking for a technically-skilled, detailed, conscientious, reliable spotter to care for all our
“dry clean only” garments. We have another spotter who handles all wet cleaning and who runs the dry cleaning machines  (except for delicates).

This is a full time position (Monday to Friday) with an occasional half-day or full day on Saturday.

Our current "dry clean only" garment spotter is leaving the industry and has offered to assist with an orderly transition.

The garments we care for are primarily bespoke, made-to-measure, couture, high fashion, designer, specialty (garments with beads, paint, rhinestones, silk screened, etc) and other similar garments. We also clean soiled inventory for resale by hi-end department stores, custom clothiers, boutiques and bridal stores.

Our standard turnaround time for “basic” garments is ONE WEEK or more, if necessary. Unlike ordinary cleaners, we don't offer same, next day or three day in-store service or 3 day pick up and delivery service. At RAVE FabriCARE, we don't compromise on quality or shortcut our procedures. If we are not provided the time to produce the very best possible results, we refuse to accept the garments. 

We offer:

* Excellent compensation in line with the compensation paid by the top 25 to 30 dry cleaners in the USA (there are over 19,000 dry cleaners in the USA).

* All the equipment and tools you might need to professionally function at this level, including 4 Union dry cleaning machines (primarily Green Earth), 4 hard-mount Milnor and Unimac washers, 3 soft-mount Miele and Electrolux washers, 3 Unimac gas dryers, 3 Milnor/ADC steam dryers, an assortment of small LG and Whirlpool washers and dryers, and multiple soaking tubs.

* A culture of commitment to the art and science of fine garment care. You will be working with long-serving, technically skilled fellow employees who are masters in one specific area (for example, a presser whose only function is to hand iron dry cleaned cotton and linen shirts and blouses). We'd never hire a "jack of all trades" even if we were desperate to fill that position.

* Paid vacation (1 week after 1 year of service, 2 weeks after 5 years, 3 weeks after 10 years)

* Paid holidays (5 major holidays per year)

* Overtime pay at the legally-required rate (hours in excess of 40 in any pay period)

* No layoffs (or reduced hours) during the slightly slower summer months

* Guarantee of a minimum of 40 hours a week

* Subsidized medical insurance (after 60 days of service)

Minimum requirements for the position are:

* Must be experienced handling the type of garments mentioned above using pre-spotting, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand washing, soaking and other specialty techniques. Stated differently, if your experience involves loading a machine(s) and post-spotting, you may not be a suitable candidate for this position.

* Must be a team player with a positive attitude. Stated differently, if you believe you know everything about garment care, use a large variety of different spotting agents and “secret” techniques only known to you, you may not be a suitable candidate for this position.

* Must have a work history of longevity at one or a few dry cleaners. Stated differently, if your work history involves job hopping from one cleaner to the next, you will not be a suitable candidate for this position.

* Must be smoke/vape/drug/alcohol free

* Must have a personal, reliable vehicle

* Must have no criminal record.

Relocation assistance is available to the right candidate.

Thank you.

8480 East Butherus Drive
Arizona 85260

For further information or to email a resume, call us at 480-998-8266. (Ask for Stu).