Zengeler Cleaners Employees Celebrate 40 Years of Service


Julio Garcia-Munoz (left) and Joanne Koutsovitis (right) are among Zengeler Cleaners employees who are celebrating 40-plus years of service with the company. Not pictured, but also celebrating this milestone, are Robert Zengeler Jr., manager of the company’s Northfield, Ill., store, and Michael Zengeler, the company’s stain removal expert. (Photo: Zengeler Cleaners)

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NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Zengeler Cleaners, a family-owned chain of drycleaning stores in Chicago’s northern suburbs, is honoring four of its employees for their 40-plus years of dedication and service with the company.

Julio Garcia-Munoz and Joanne Koutsovitis, who work at the company’s Northbrook headquarters, are joined by two members of the Zengeler family, Robert Zengeler Jr., manager of the Northfield, Ill., store, and Michael Zengeler, the company’s expert on stain removal, in celebrating this milestone.

“Zengeler Cleaners is very proud of all our employees, especially those who’ve made a career out of their position with our family,” says company President Tom Zengeler. “From our founding in 1857, our family has firmly believed that our employees are our strongest asset. We treat them with the same respect as we want them to treat our best customers. Thanks to this approach, we’ve developed a culture of [delivering] consistently superior service—a perfect partnership between our team of dedicated employees, the company and the Zengeler family.”

The company also applauds 21 team members who have been with the company for at least 20 years: Robert Zengeler Sr., Tom Zengeler, Rachel Wiggins-Kolb, Alyce Kingley, Castula Vergara, Joan Nebel, Mark Morris, Fernanda Estela, Joanne Lapinski, Nancy Brookman, Dennis Ori, Hector Alvarado, Dolores Alcantar, Reyna Toledo-Astudio, Juan Rivera, Jose Gil, Consuela Martinez, William Fisher, Marty Levit, Pat Miller, and Michael Hessing.

“On behalf of the Zengeler family, we’d like to personally thank all of our dedicated employees, especially those who’ve been with us for such a long time,” adds Tom Zengeler. “We’ve been in business for 157 years because our customers know and trust the professionals they see every time they come into our store. We know our employees are the people who make that happen.”


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