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Yarns Spun Here: “Organza Bag!” I Think They Hollered

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CHICAGO — Organza!

There. I said it.

Think: Sheer.

Have you ever owned an organza bag to use in your garden to protect your flora and fauna?....

Maybe not. Organza is used in bridalwear and eveningwear. Double-width organzas, in viscose and acetate, are used in sheer curtains, according to Wikipedia.

Silk organza is woven by mills along the Yangtze river in China. Deluxe silk organzas are woven in France or Italy.

According to American Drycleaner’s Spotting Guide, author Norman Oehlke pens that, “Organza is a thin and usually transparent plain weave fabric often used in evening dresses. Care must be exercised in spotting to avoid yarn distortion. Keep the steam gun six to eight inches above the fabric.”

While Organza sounds like the rebel leader straight out of a Star Wars movie, the weave discussed here is really just the sheer material that some dresses, costumes, veils — and even an organza bag used to cover plants in the garden — are made out of. Yes, a sheer bag!

Order one of those sheer bags for your garden if you like. Feel free, even, to excitedly holler to passersby: I own an Organza Bag!  If you so choose. It’s fine with me. Just do it when I’m not around.

Yarns Spun Here: “Organza Bag!” I Think They Hollered

(Image licensed by Wikimedia Commons / By Glenn)

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