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Yearly feature: Red, White and Blue (and you) looking for stories

CHICAGO — It's time again to collect stories of a patriotic nature from you, our drycleaning readers, to share in the July print issue of American Drycleaner and also here on the website on July Fourth. It's for our special annual Red, White and Blue (and you) feature. And you being part of it makes it so special for our fabricare industry readership.

Do you have a particularly fond memory, or a current story, of something of a patriotic nature you have cleaned for our veterans or service personnel? Please share your special story, along with a photo, with our editor Tim Burke. You can e-mail: tburke@atmags.com.

Maybe you have cleaned a military uniform and can tell us a little about the veteran's story of service?

Perhaps you are cleaning the uniforms of fire department personnel or law enforcement, or maybe emergency medical technicians or the coast guard?

Or possibly you have a story passed down from generations before you, that you'd like to share about garment care related to our armed forces? Or maybe there's someone in your drycleaning family who served in the navy, army, air force or marines, past or current?

Take a moment to recall a cherished memory that you feel comfortble sharing with our fabricare readership for this Fourth of July special feature. Email Tim Burke by mid-May so we can put this together into the special article.

This article has become very popular over the past two years but we need you to take part and help it continue to be a great way to show how our drycleaning industry supports our men and women in uniform.

Help weave our fabricare industry into the tapestry of this July Fourth celebration. Remember, e-mail a story (don't forget the photo) to Tim Burke at: tburke@atmags.com.

It's all about cleaning those special uniforms, and sharing those special memories.... in short, it's all about the Red, White and Blue (and you). Thanks for your help!

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Tim Burke is the editor of American Drycleaner. He can be reached at 312-361-1684 or tburke@atmags.com.


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