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As We Go Down the Road (Conclusion)

Distributor relationship important in reaching successful, profitable outcome

OSHKOSH, Wis. — As you look to develop, improve, or purchase a drycleaning plant, there are multiple critical factors to consider that will ultimately shape your business success — now and down the road!

Nobody understands those factors — site selection, plant layout, workflow, equipment mix, financing, services and design — more than your local distributor.

As textile care experts who know the markets they serve, distributors can and should become lifetime business partners who’ve got your back, and provide ongoing services before, during and after the equipment sale.

Do your research, interview distributors in your market and be sure the one you choose checks all the boxes. A “good” distributor is worth its weight in gold.


Good distributors can take all the collected data (see Part 1) and generate a cash flow summary. This overviews a new plant’s capital outlay, return on investment, income, losses, expenses, and more. This summary is essential to securing favorable financing.


Once financing is approved, you and your distributor will typically engage an architect and a general contractor to perform necessary plans, process for permits and build out your space. The general contractor coordinates subcontractors, and your distributor provides all your equipment and ancillary items.


Once the equipment is in place, the distributor will provide training on maintaining, operating and programming machines; serving customers; and providing services such as residential and commercial wash-dry-fold. Most will gladly share their knowledge. Some distributors offer hands-on training, as well as preventative maintenance schedules and service contracts.


Of course, a quality distributor also delivers after-sale services including preventative maintenance, technical repairs and replacement parts.

As the owner of a drycleaning business, you want to be certain that your money and efforts result in a successful, profitable outcome.

Your distributor business partner should always be looking for ways to help improve your profits — even two, five, 10, or 15 years down the road!

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As We Go Down the Road

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