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Voices From Fabricare: On Getting Thru COVID-19 (Conclusion)

More shared thoughts from garment care owners on how they are getting by

CHICAGO — A few more recent voices of garment care owners, in their own words:

Fabrix Drycleaners says: “We have three locations, two drops and one plant/drop. The plant drop is hanging tough. We are open 8-5 Monday; 9-1 Tues.-Sat. It’s time to get back strong to get new customers. Two drops stores are 9-1 Mon., Thur., Sat. I’m expecting business to be off the charts sooner than later.”

— Scott Spruill, owner, Fabrix Drycleaner, Medford, N.J.

Max I. Walker relates: “We volunteered to launder 375 pairs of scrubs for a local hospital, in partnership with our local Goodwill. Also, we have volunteered to launder 10,000 plus reusable fabric masks for another hospital system on an ongoing basis for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

— Steph Dorland, marketing director, Max I. Walker in Omaha, Neb.

Mastercraft Dry Cleaners explains its, “COVID-19 precaution: For my two front counters I use my long poles and clear tape to hold the seams together and staple it to pine posts.”

— Steve Berglund, owner, Mastercraft Dry Cleaners, Fresno, Calif.

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