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Vacation ... Oooh, That Word

Two-thirds have confidence in managers and team while away

CHICAGO — Here are a few responses to the recent American Drycleaner Your Views survey question: “When you need to get away, where do you go to relax and recharge, and what do you do?” 

  • “The beach. I like to play golf or fish.”

  • “In summer, Cape Cod; in winter, go skiing or to Florida for a golf vacation.”

  • “Michigan, Upper Peninsula to fly fish, canoe,
    enjoy bonfires at night.”

The survey also asked, “How important is your vacation getaway?”

As the graphic shows, 44% of respondents say that it’s “All important! Love my vacations,” while 30% say it’s “Just fine. It’s on my schedule.” Defining vacation as simply, “A necessary recharge, that’s all,” are 13%. And the remaining 13% say to “Forget about it. Time is money.”

And in response to “How do you feel about leaving your team in charge?” 62%, or about two-thirds of respondents, indicate they are “Confident in my manager and team. I don’t worry.”

And the final question: “How much time for yourself do you plan at your operation yearly and is it enough?”

Most answered “two weeks” but say it’s “not enough.” One respondent says even four weeks isn’t enough, while another says taking six weeks is fine.

Here are some of the ways respondents describe their own vacation:

  • “I call it ‘decompressing,’ no pun intended.”

  • “ Johnny Time.”

  • “I’m the **** outta here.”

  • “My zen.”

The Your Views survey offers a current snapshot of the trade audience’s views. Qualified subscribers to American Drycleaner emails are invited to participate anonymously in the unscientific poll.

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