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Two Innovative Strategies to Market to Existing Customers (Conclusion)

Develop new skills to maintain valued relationships

While reaching out to new customers is crucial for growing a drycleaning business, maintaining the relationship with the clients who are already using your services is a must. Business owners who focus on and market to their existing customer base will find the most success. You’ve already gained their business; now it’s time to keep them as customers.

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the importance of doing the research to know who makes up your existing customer base and examined ways to successfully engage with them. Today, we’ll finish up with the second strategy of marketing to these valuable clients.

Keep Up With Common Changes 

As a drycleaning business, there are many innovations to keep up with. Don’t get bogged down in the way things used to be. In the post-pandemic landscape of today, every business must adapt to the changes that customers are asking for. 

Websites are an essential item. A lack of an online presence will hamper the success of your store. In fact, a website is one of the first tools a potential customer will use to look for information. Without a website, people will have a hard time even knowing that your business exists.

Likewise, don’t be afraid of learning new tech skills. Tech continues to push change elsewhere across every industry. This is especially true after the pandemic. During lockdowns, many businesses stayed afloat by shifting to a BOPIS model. BOPIS, or buy online and pick up in-store, allows customers increased versatility. It also helps the company by bringing customers into the store, rather than waiting for home shipping. 

Since there is no shipping to be done, their “online purchase” has no wait time or shipping fees. And, they’ll be 85% more likely to make some impulse purchases when they come in.

BOPIS systems work great with eCommerce-style websites. By allowing customers to place orders online, the dry cleaner can ensure:

  • Prompt service
  • A clear and ordered list of jobs
  • Personalized data about the customer and their needs
  • Clarity and openness between business and client
  • Speedy delivery and pick-up options
  • Contact during a drycleaning emergency or outside of open hours

Upgrading the internet side of a drycleaning business can help it stay relevant, especially as the tides of change continue to surge after the pandemic.

More specifically, your business could think about offering in-store financing options. Some customers may be trying to rebuild their credit, but have limited cash to pay. Often, these individuals would be using a drycleaning service to prepare for a job interview. Give them a hand and help them land that position. Send them off to the interview with a freshly laundered outfit, along with a lasting impression of your business.

Give Value to Your Valued Customers

In sum, dry cleaning businesses must ensure they are marketing to their existing customers. The customers that show the greatest loyalty should be rewarded. And the best way to do that is to ensure your company offers what they want.

Use social media and business websites to connect personally with your patrons. Stay on top of their wants and needs through direct outreach, surveys, and simply by reading their posts. Social media also allows businesses to market their top attributes through text, pictures, and video-based advertising.

Be sure you’re staying on top of industry changes. Online shopping will only continue to grow more relevant. Being an early adopter of the online trend will help a drycleaning business. As well, remember that BOPIS systems can neatly connect your online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Finally, customers will spread the word about any quality-of-life upgrades the business integrates, so be sure to focus on what they want.  

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Two Innovative Strategies to Market to Existing Customers

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