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Tuchman Advisory Group Holds In-Person Gathering, Tour

California meeting offered insights for drycleaning colleagues

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Taking advantage of the ability to gather in person again, members of the Tuchman Advisory Group (TAG) recently toured a member’s drycleaning plant, exchanging ideas and networking with their peers.

TAG members met at Judi’s Cleaners in Sacramento, California, on May 4-6 and toured the company’s main plant. Ben and Mary Combs, owners of Judi’s Cleaners, hosted the event.

“It was wonderful to get all these talented operators to see and comment on our operations,” says the company’s president, Ben Combs.

This examination of the facility and its processes is one of the major benefits of these visits, says Ellen Tuchman Rothmann, president of TAG. She believes that having people from different perspectives examine the host’s business can be an invaluable tool when it comes to improving service and streamlining efficiencies.

“They walk through the business, making comments and suggesting where things could be changed,” she says. “It’s looking at every part of every department with a fresh pair of eyes, and making comments on things that they’ve noticed that they might do differently.”

Judi’s Cleaners is the official dry cleaner for the California Highway Patrol Academy, and TAG members toured a museum that highlights the history of the CHP and memorialized those who gave their lives in service. Members also got to experience an up-close-and-personal high-speed demonstration courtesy of the CHP’s Emergency Vehicle Operations Course instructors.

“These men and women are actually trained race car drivers,” Combs says. “What a treat to experience that!”

During the event, Sales Manager David Lee and Head of Product Josh Nye of SMRT Systems were guest speakers.

Rothmann believes that sharing information, seeing how other businesses operate and interacting with colleagues is what TAG is all about.

“I want our members to be able to go back to their companies and say, ‘Here’s what I’ve learned. Here’s what we’re going to institute,’” she says. “Even if everyone takes back just one idea to their company to improve their business, that’s a success.”

Tuchman Advisory Group Holds In-Person Gathering, Tour

The Tuchman Advisory Group recently held a meeting at Judi’s Cleaners in Sacramento, California, where members critiqued the hosts’ plant, networked and learned from each others’ experiences. (Photo: Tuchman Advisory Group)

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