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Tschopp Supply Company to Expand Service Area

Product distributor extending services to Northeast Ohio

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Tschopp Supply Company, a regional laundry and drycleaning product distributor, reports it is expanding its reach to offer monthly service in the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area.

Tschopp, which represents companies such as M&B Hangers, R.R. Street & Co., Kreussler, P&G, Gurtler, Santec, A.L. Wilson Chemical Co., First Film and Sigma, among others, currently offers services throughout the state of New York and in regions of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“We saw this as an area of opportunity,” says Tschopp President John Silverman. “We wanted to do the work during this challenging period of our industry to build our company, better serve area customers and expand our base.” According to Silverman, an important part of this work is to send sales and technical support people to visit customers whenever possible. “Some things are better done in person, rather than over the phone,“ he says.

While the pandemic has changed consumer shopping behaviors, Silverman sees a brighter future for those in the drycleaning field who are willing to plan ahead.

“The next six months are going to be difficult, but I believe the industry should start recovering in 2021,” Silverman says. “I’m hoping that, by 2022, we’ll be back to the levels of business we were seeing before the pandemic. This expansion is a way for us to better position ourselves to the point where we’ll be stronger coming out of this period than we were when we went into it.”