Tornado Tears Roof From M&B Hangers Plant

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EAGLE PASS, Texas — M&B Metal Products’ hanger-manufacturing plant in Piedras Negras, Mexico, suffered severe damage Tuesday night as a string of killer tornadoes ripped through the area on the Texas/Mexico border.
The plant lost parts of its roof in the high winds, causing a temporary shutdown and an estimated $250,000 to $500,000 in damage.
The tornadoes claimed 10 lives and left hundreds more homeless on both sides of the border. No M&B workers were harmed either at the plant or its Eagle Pass distribution center.
“Our team did a great job of following our disaster plan, and no one was injured,” says company president Milton Magnus. “We have some associates that have lost their homes or had their homes damaged, but we are all blessed that no one was injured.”
“Everbody is okay,” adds sales manager Dwayne Gwaltney. “Three years ago, they got an unusual amount of rain and it flooded here, so everybody got to higher ground.”
The plant was able to resume partial production this afternoon; while no equipment was damaged, parts of the city were still without power. M&B expects minimal interruption to shipments.
“There may be a temporary void in a few styles of hangers, Magnus says, “but our warehouse in Eagle Pass [and] our production location in Leeds, Ala., will be able to satisfy most of our clients' needs.”

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