Top Quick Fixes for the Dry Cleaning Industry

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NEW ORLEANS — Two experts from the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute offered a number of tips for common problems faced by dry cleaners everywhere. Brian Johnson, director of education and analysis, with the help of Jim Kirby, also of DLI, presented slides showing common issues, such as wrinkled collar points, steam wrinkles, collar fabric showing on a jacket, broken buttons and other trim problems, and shrunken wools.

Johnson addressed the causes of these problems and more, then provided a possible solution for the full house of dry cleaning professional present at the Clean Show educational session.

For instance, broken buttons and other trim issues are often caused by the garment being cleaned by itself. He suggested putting such garments with other items in a smaller load, which would allow the buttons to bounce off fabric rather than forcefully being driven into the hard sides of the machine.

Other issues raised by audience members included dye issues and the population’s expanding waistlines.

DLI has a number of bulletins and materials to help dry cleaners communicate with customers about a variety of issues and problems. Contact the institute on its website at

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