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Todd Layne Cleaners Says ‘Speakeasy’ Event a Hit

‘Guys and dolls came in as stranger, left as friends,’ says owner Ofsink

NEW YORK CITY — “This drycleaning joint is the bee’s knees,” says Todd L. Ofsink, owner, Todd Layne Cleaners, repeating a comment he overheard at his recent “speakeasy” event here.

“What do dry cleaning and a speakeasy have in common? Well, nothing really, until now!”

He hosted a Roaring ’20s-style party earlier this fall that brought together customers and the local nightlife, he writes in a press release.

“The speakeasy event turned out to be a huge success. Guys and dolls came in as strangers and left as friends,” says Ofsink.

“We even got some new customers who were initially drawn in by the swing music and crowd gathering. And, of course, this being New York City, some random people who were mainly interested in the free booze.”

“Planning the event has been a pleasure,” says Victoria Long, marketing assistant for Todd Layne Cleaners. “It was exciting to see an idea turn into a full-blown party complete with music, decorations, drinks and hors d’oeuvres.”

Ofsink adds, “Capturing people’s attention, especially millennials’, is a challenge. As Mark Cuban of Shark Tank recommends, we created an experience for customers that will keep us in their minds.”

It’s not enough to be a dry cleaner with an app, says Ofsink. You also need to have unique service lines like eco-friendly dry cleaning and customized on-premise wash and fold service.

“In addition, we like to give a little extra by having a concierge and a package service for customers that don’t have a doorman. We also hand out candy all year round, and hand sanitizers in the winter.”

Getting noticed is a challenge when there are dozens of other dry cleaners competing in the neighborhood. To stand out, Todd Layne Cleaners goes above and beyond to offer convenience to customers, writes Ofsink.

“These days, people pay more attention to their phones than each other,” he says. “We wanted to create an opportunity for people to break out of that and meet their neighbors.

“What better way to do that than to offer hors d’oeuvres and wine to sip on in a social environment that reminisces of the 1920s speakeasies?”

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Guys and Dolls! Da Big Boss, Todd Layne Ofsink (left), owner of New York City’s Todd Layne Cleaners, and his Moll, the cleaner’s Marketing Assistant Victoria Long, celebrating in their speakeasy joint as they enjoy the party atmosphere. (Photos: Todd Layne Cleaners)

todd layne crowded speakeasy bar img 20161019 2242550 web

Crowded House! Some “gangsters” and “flappers” in their everyday attire mixing at the Todd Layne Cleaners’ “speakeasy” event earlier this fall.

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