´Today´ Show Dispels Drycleaning Myths

Ian P. Murphy |

NBC’s Today Weekend newsmagazine offered consumers positive insights on the drycleaning process in a report airing last Saturday, just in time for them to break out their holiday best.
The “Tricks of The Trade” segment featured correspondent Alison Deyette, who dispelled some of the myths surrounding drycleaning in a plant visit and studio wrap-up. Drycleaning isn’t the suspicious storefront industry it used to be, she said, it’s now “more efficient and there’s better technology.”
During a tour of Meurice Garment Care’s Bronx, N.Y., plant, operator Wayne Edelman helped explain how drycleaning isn’t really “dry,” and why certain women’s blouses cost more to produce. “There are pleats and darts that don’t fit on those machines,” Deyette observed.
Deyette also advised consumers to bring in all pieces of a suit at the same time, avoid home-spotting remedies such as club soda, and to remove poly after bringing clothing home — unless packing for a trip. And how to pick a good drycleaner? “Word of mouth,” she said. “Find someone who dresses well, and ask them where they take their clothes.”
To watch the video, click here and enter the search term “dry cleaners.”

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