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Tide Cleaners Helps These Firemen Loads

The Loads of Hope program helps first responders and their families with free laundry cleaning

INDIANAPOLIS — First responders are putting their safety on the line every day, Tide Cleaners writes, to ensure the health and well-being of the Indianapolis community during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“Tide would like to help lighten the load on them and their immediate family members with its Loads of Hope program. The company will provide free laundry and drycleaning services to medical personnel, police officers and firefighters at all Tide Cleaners locations in the Indianapolis area,” it notes.

The cleaners businesses are locally owned and operated in the Indianapolis community, it relates. In an uncertain time, the cleaners hopes to provide the certainty of clean clothes to the community in an effort to, “help those that help us.”

The cleaners says: “Indianapolis medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and their immediate family can locate a nearby Tide Cleaners and get their personal clothes washed and dry cleaned for free.

“Tide Cleaners believes in the importance of life over laundry. With first responders focused on saving lives and providing much-needed care for those in our community, that is more true now than ever before,” it says.

The process, it continues, is easy for Indianapolis-area first responders and their immediate family members: “Visit to find out about the service; pack up your dirty laundry and either drive to your nearest Tide Cleaners storefront or request home service pickup at participating locations,” it relates.

The company asks that you: Verify you are a front line responder with badges or a valid form of identification. Must have a photo ID or picture if you are a family member who is bringing it on their behalf. Share through closed window or text messaging image with a Guest Services Representative.”

The Loads Of Hope program is ongoing until further notice, Tide Cleaners relates. Check their website for updates.