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Texcare International on Track for 2021

Event director believes industry needs face-to-face interactions

FRANKFURT, Germany — As the worldwide pandemic eases and hope for a return to something approaching “normal” increases the cleaning industry is again planning for the future. Events like Texcare International are a sign of life in a field that has been holding its breath for a year. The event, scheduled to take place from November 27 through December 1, 2021, in Frankfurt, Germany, is currently booking exhibitors and getting ready for the industry’s re-opening.  

Johannes Schmid-Wiedersheim, the director of Texcare International, says that, so far, things are going well as the Texcare International show prepares to get underway. “Even we were surprised to see that more companies had registered before the end of the early-booking phase than at the same point in time before the postponed Texcare 2020,” he says.

“This is a great result and gives us solid ground for optimism. Also, I think it shows how much the sector wants personal encounters and an international exchange of ideas and information. There is a great desire among companies to meet good business partners again, to see technology in operation, to orientate themselves as a branch of industry and look to the future.”

The uncertainty still present in the industry — and society — still has to be taken into account, however. “We are beginning with the exhibition-stand planning later than usual because the authorities have not yet issued the exact regulations for holding safe events in the late autumn,” Schmid-Wiedersheim says. “Nevertheless, we have prepared for several different scenarios and will undoubtedly be able to do everything necessary at that point in time. Moreover, admission control, visitor registration, enormous room volumes and high air-exchange rates are already features of events in Frankfurt and things such as spacing and the use of tests can be implemented without difficulty.”

The schedule is still being set, but Schmid-Wiedersheim says that there are some exciting events and offerings at the upcoming event. “To support the additional innovative thrust being generated by newcomers to the sector, we have decided to promote young companies with the introduction of a special start-up package at Texcare International,” he says. Other events will include the World Textile Services Congress on Dec. 1 and 2, the Cinet Best Practices Awards on the first day of the event and a special program for young professionals.

While the past year taught the industry that nothing can be taken for granted, Schmid-Wiedersheim believes that Texcare International will take place in 2021 — and it’s important that it does. “Two things are certain: firstly, textiles have to be cleaned and laundered, and we want to be the sector’s partner to facilitate live interaction,” he says. “And, secondly, digital events cannot replace people’s desire for personal encounters. The past year has left no doubt about this.”

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Texcare International on Track

Johannes Schmid-Wiedersheim, director of Texcare International, believes the industry will be ready to come together when the event takes place from Nov. 27 – Dec. 1, 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany. “Digital events cannot replace people’s desire for personal encounters,” he says. “The past year has left no doubt about this.” (Photo: Messe Frankfurt)

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