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Texcare International 2021 To Examine Lessons Learned

Themes to focus on hygienic safety, sustainability, technology and the future

FRANKFURT, Germany — Among its other lessons, the coronavirus pandemic taught the world just how valuable cleanliness and sanitization are for health — a task mastered by the drycleaning industry. This crucial function is one of the major themes at heart for Texcare International, to be held from Nov. 27 through Dec. 1, 2021, in Frankfurt, Germany.

The event — one of the world’s largest exhibitions for the textile-care industry — will be one of the first international trade fairs to resume in the wake of the pandemic.

One Event, Four Themes

Texcare International 2021 will revolve around four themes as the world starts to resume its activities as the pandemic recedes: Hygiene, sustainability, smart technology and the future of the cleaning industry.

Hygienic: Safety and Well-being Thanks to Hygienic Textiles — While textile-care companies have always been specialists for hygienic textile dry cleaning and washing, the pandemic has put this function into a new light for their customers. Cleaners can use this new focus to better market their services and grow their customer base. Texcare International 2021 plans to be a hub for textile-hygiene innovations. This ranges from sharing disinfecting processes for textile dry cleaning, via hygienic washing methods and detergents, to new ways to market this service and more. 

Sustainability: The Circular Economy and Reusable Solutions in the Focus of the Green Deal — Environmental concerns are increasing as calls for greater sustainability are growing throughout the world. One of the focuses of Texcare International 2021 will be ways cleaners can improve their services while generating less waste and reducing their environmental footprint. Waste-water management, energy efficiency, heat recovery and other factors will be examined.

Smart: AI and Digitalisation are Revolutionising Textile Care — As machines get “smarter,” they become better able to work together to reduce waste and save money. While digitalization and automation are already common in cleaning plants, new technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), is coming that will further optimize the flow of goods and data, and improve how cleaners interact with their customers. Sharing this new technology and methods of operations will be a major focus on Texcare International 2021.

Future-proof: Successful Business Models and Lessons from the Pandemic — As much as cleaners were invaluable to society as the pandemic hit all sectors of society, the industry itself was one of the hardest hit by lockdowns and society slowing down. Texcare International 2021 will provide a forum where business owners can share lessons they learned from doing business during the pandemic, how cleaners can better future-proof their operations and what successful business models will look like in the future.

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Texcare International 2021 Lessons Learned

Texcare International 2021 will examine four main themes this year: Hygiene, sustainability, smarter technology and the future of the industry. (Photo: Messe Frankfurt)

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