Texcare Attracts Steady Crowd on Second Day


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Attendees mill around the Unipress booth during Texcare International’s second day. (Photo: Bruce Beggs)

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FRANKFURT, Germany — Texcare International—the World Market for Modern Textile Care—resumed Sunday at the Messe Frankfurt Congress Center and attracted what appeared to be a steady crowd.

Some exhibitors say they are expecting larger numbers today, the first weekday of the 2012 event.

The makeup and design of the various exhibit booths vary widely, with smaller booths often filled to capacity with equipment or supplies. Some of the larger, more spacious booths house several pieces of equipment, while others resemble cafes or even discos—one exhibitor has a disco ball hanging above its space.

There’s certainly a social feel to Texcare, with many exhibitors serving beer and food to attendees.

Here are some examples of products on display at this year’s Texcare International:

  • Soft-mounted hydrocarbon and silicone drycleaning machines, from Italclean.
  • A form finisher for chair textile covers, from Trevil.
  • Energy-efficient systems especially for finishing shirts, from Veit. Among them are a shirt finisher with heat recovery and an “intelligent” process shortening function, and a shirt pressing system with electrical steam generation.
  • Detergents specially formulated for cleaning delicates, from Christeyns.
  • New line of 15 kg. to 80 kg. drycleaning machines designed for use with SolvonK4, from Firbimatic.
  • Garment bagging equipment, from Barbanti.

Texcare International continues today and runs through Wednesday.

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