T.A.G. Meeting Held in Buffalo


This photo is of the participants of the Tuchman Advisory Group (T.A.G.) meeting held at Colvin Cleaners in Buffalo, N.Y., June 13-15, 2018. It was taken in front of a specially constructed Frank Lloyd Wright gas station built inside the Pierce-Arrow Museum. “It is one-of-a-kind and truly spectacular,” notes T.A.G.

Front row (from left): Cyndee Billoni, Colvin Cleaners; Jana Janssen, Martinizing Green Earth Cleaners; Lang and Judy Houston, Crest Cleaners; David Makepeace, Medlin-Davis Cleaners, North; Amy Trail, Medlin-Davis Cleaners, South; Ellen Rothmann, T.A.G.; and Marie Tapia, Martinizing Green Earth Cleaners.

Back Row (from left): Paul Billoni, Colvin Cleaners; John Rothmann, Michael Poeschl, Revolution Cleaners; Michael Jones, Highland Cleaners; Gary Futterman, Flair Cleaners; Ed Pizzarello, Revolution Cleaners; Richard Thum, Five Star Cleaners; Keith Houston, Crest Cleaners; Lauren Houston, Crest Cleaners; Lee Makepeace, Medlin-Davis Cleaners, North; and Brett Allen, Medlin-Davis, South.

Not pictured: Peter Bergmann, Bergmann’s Cleaning; Chris Billoni, Colvin Cleaners; Heath Bolin, Sparkle Cleaners; Dave Coyle, In The Bag Cleaners; Kevin Houston, Crest Cleaners; Rick Kirksey, Munro Cleaners; Drew Singer, Flair Cleaners; Sharlene Thum, Five Star Cleaners; and Todd Watkins, Martinizing. (Photo: Tuchman Advisory Group)

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Highlights: fireworks over the Falls, Colvin Cleaners tour

SAN FRANCISCO — Tuchman Advisory Group (T.A.G.) held what they called an, “extremely successful meeting,” June 13-15, 2018, hosted by Paul, Cyndee, and Chris Billoni of Colvin Cleaners in Buffalo, N.Y., T.A.G. reports.

Highlights of the meeting included a tour of Colvin Cleaners; a visit to the Pierce-Arrow Museum; a review of YTD financials; a critique of Colvin Cleaners operations; and hearing member presentations.

“Our meeting concluded with dinner on Friday at Skylon, a rotating Niagara Falls restaurant,” says T.A.G. “We were lucky to be having dinner when a wonderful fireworks show over the Falls began.”

Guest speakers at the meeting included: Michael Casciano, Casciano Consulting Group, who presented Ways to Add Value To Our Financial Discussions; Megan Rechin, Colvin Cleaners media consultant, who spoke on Keepin’ It Real – Marketing and Communications for the Modern Drycleaner; and John Rothmann, talk show host at KGO-AM 810 radio, who gave political commentary on news of the day.

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