Swan Cleaners Flocks to ‘New’ Location

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WORTHINGTON, Ohio – Swan Cleaners has announced the opening of its new store at the city’s Shoppes at Worthington Place. But while the store may be new, the location is not.

Swan’s new facility offers a full range of garment care services, including same-day dry cleaning and pressing, shirt laundry services, alterations, leather and fur cleaning and storage, and drapery and household item cleaning.

Besides available parking at the front of the store, Swan has a side service door that allows for in-car service.

Swan Cleaners is no stranger to the location. The company built its first location at the Worthington Square Shopping Center in 1982. After Worthington Square fell out of favor with the community, the company then moved to its Worthington Hills location. When new management took over in the spring, Swan was asked to re-open with a new store at the redeveloping center. Years later, the company now stands just around the corner from where its original store was located.

Swan Cleaners also recently opened another store in Upper Arlington, Ohio.


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