Sun Ray Dry Cleaners Fuels Green Initiative Through Propane Autogas


Sun Ray Dry Cleaners propane van
(Photo: Alliance AutoGas)

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COLUMBUS, Ga. — Sun Ray Dry Cleaners has converted two of its GMC Savana service vans to run on clean propane autogas, the company reports.

Alliance AutoGas helped Sun Ray Dry Cleaners make the switch, and will also provide fuel supply, as well as train drivers how to safely operate and refuel the new propane-powered vehicles.

Additionally, Alliance’s AutoGas program includes the installation of an onsite fuel station, staff safety training, and ongoing technical support.

The initiative reportedly makes Sun Ray Dry Cleaners the first dry cleaner in the area to operate autogas vehicles, which coincides with its investment in more eco-friendly dry cleaning methods.

The new autogas vans are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, harmful pollutants and fuel costs. Fleets operating on propane autogas save upwards of $2 per gallon on fuel versus gasoline, according to Alliance AutoGas.

Sun Ray Dry Cleaners has been serving customers in the Columbus and Fort Benning area for more than 80 years.


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