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Sudsies and The Cobblers Announce Partnership

Joint venture to pair dry cleaning business with leather repair company

MIAMI — In an effort to bring more services to their respective customers, two Florida businesses are partnering to expand their reach into other markets.

This new partnership brings together The Cobblers, a fashion industry start-up focusing on repairing high-quality leather goods and premium sneakers, and Sudsies, one of the Southeast’s largest drycleaning companies for couture and everyday wear.

This partnership will allow The Cobblers to offer Sudsies’ existing guests a pick-up and delivery service for their premium sneakers, leather shoes, handbags, wallets and belts. Customers of The Cobblers will be able to use Sudsies’ superior drycleaning services via an integrated user interface.

“The Cobblers is re-inventing the leather goods repair business by vastly improving the customer experience and implementing the most advanced facility in the industry,” says Warren Barthes, founder of The Cobblers. “This is an incredible partnership as it provides a single touchpoint for a vast array of best-in-class, high-quality services from dry cleaning, to alterations, to handbag and shoe repair. We exist to make our customers happy and extend the lifecycle of your favorite shoes and handbags.”

“As Sudsies expands its services across Florida, we are dedicated to growing the value we provide to our guests,” says Jason Loeb, CEO and founder of Sudsies. “This collaboration with The Cobblers provides Sudsies’ guests a turn-key solution to clean and repair all of the signature items in their closets. From the shirt on your back to the shoes on your feet, Sudsies and The Cobblers are your one-stop shop for an entire wardrobe refresh.” 

Both Sudsies and The Cobblers are headquartered in Miami, and they will be rolling out this partnership over the next few weeks.

Sudsies and The Cobblers Announce Partnership

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