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Street Joins Forces with Airgas for Solvair

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — R.R. Street & Co. and Airgas Inc. announced an agreement Monday that makes the Pennsylvania-based gas supplier a dedicated part of the Solvair system’s equipment and support.
Under the agreement, Street’s Solvair subsidiary will offer Airgas’ CO2 supply system and liquid CO2 product as part of a service package for customers of its “hybrid” Solvair Cleaning System. The Solvair system uses a proprietary glycol ether-based surfactant to clean garments, and rinses and dries them in CO2.
“With this agreement, Solvair will be able to offer its customers a cost-effective supply of consistent-quality liquid carbon dioxide,” says Kelly Justice, senior vice president for Airgas Inc. “We have worked with Solvair to custom-engineer a more ecofriendly and efficient liquid carbon dioxide gas-supply system that will work with this revolutionary cleaning process.”
Airgas’ delivery system monitors CO2 supplies and relays them to local affiliates to ensure Solvair operators have a reliable amount in stock. The company has more than 14,000 employees and more than 1,100 facilities nationwide to supply a range of customers with gases of all kinds.
R.R. Street installed its first Solvair unit in a plant in Evanston, Ill., in August, and plans to install additional units throughout the U.S. this year and in 2008.

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