StatShot: Third Quarter Volatile for Survey Panelists

Ian P. Murphy |

CHICAGO — Drycleaning sales showed volatility in the third quarter, according to a survey panel of industry operators tapped by to provide a variety of financial and cost data anonymously for use at the site.
In year-to-year comparisons for the three-month period, sales varied wildly in the Midwest, where operations reported an average 7.5% increase in sales. Respondents in the West, however, had a 23% decrease in sales.
Operators in the South reported that business was up 1.5%, while those in the Northeast said sales were flat compared to last year. Poor results in the West, however, skewed averages to reflect a 4% decrease in sales nationwide. needs your help with its surveys! All responses are anonymous, and e-mail addresses are kept strictly confidential. E-mail today to join the panel!

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