Star Distributing Expands Equipment Offerings

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Star Distributing Commercial Laundry Equipment, Nashville, Tenn., is now offering the Wascomat, Electrolux and B&C Technologies product lines in Georgia and Alabama, the distributor says.

“We are excited to be expanding our operations to Georgia and Alabama with the B&C Technologies, Electrolux and Wascomat lines,” says Michael Davis, president of Star Distributing. “The expansion of our product lines will position us well for growth in Georgia and Alabama.”

Laundrylux distributes both Wascomat and Electrolux products. Wascomat creates economical machines found in neighborhood Laundromats. Its coin-operated machines help laundry owners save on water, energy and gas, the company says. Electrolux is well known for its high-end commercial washers and dryers.

B&C Technologies provides an array of on-premise laundry equipment from washer-extractors to tumblers to commercial ironers.


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