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The Sporting Life (Conclusion)

Make looking good fun and exciting

SAN FRANCISCO — Just as the excitement surrounding the Olympics will continue beyond the upcoming events in Brazil, so do your opportunities continue to capitalize on the enthusiasm for sports in your market.

The height of summer is a good time to plan for ways to attract business from fall and winter sports. It is a perfect time to reach out to all the decision-makers who influence and determine who gets the related business in your area.

Like other opportunities, capitalizing on the sports possibilities involves a dedicated ongoing sales effort both inside your business premises and outside in the community.


With all those fit bodies being tuned and toned, an obvious adjunct is looking good off the field as well.

Designers like Ralph Lauren, a staple in almost every cleaning plant, have long capitalized on the fashion influence of sports. How many RL rugby shirts or yachting-inspired sweaters have you cleaned?

Sports viewers are emotional about their attire, whether it is fan gear or fashionable spectator. The fan gear may be casual but the emotional impact demands care to extend the longevity of a favorite garment.

As to the fashionable spectator, one only has to conjure images of Homecoming, the Kentucky Derby or Ascot, or a Great Gatsby charity croquet event to appreciate the impact of sports on fashion.

Theme promotions are popular in this “experience-seeking” society and afford you terrific possibilities for joint-venture events that will impress your customers and prospects alike.

One of the best advantages to you is the co-mingling of current clients who love and trust you with prospective clients who may need a nudge to switch to your services.

The current clients provide a resounding endorsement that carries a great deal of weight with the prospect invitees that you have targeted.

These events can be unique experiences for seekers of ever more exclusive and unusual activities.


Your creativity will generate lots of publicity and buzz about you and your company. Let your imagination run wild or hire an event planner with a reputation for attention-grabbing ideas.

General themes that offer attractive ties-ins with sports fashion could include The Colorful World of Tennis, A Day at the Races, How Sports Influences Fashion (showing the authentic sports attire and the corresponding fashion variation), Sports Heroes Off the Field, and more.

An easy event to produce and that draws a crowd is a pep rally on your parking lot, complete with the team, the band, cheerleaders and fans.

Any of these themes adapt easily to add-on promos, i.e. “Bring in 5 golf shirts and get the 6th one free,” or “Let us clean your riding habit and get a complimentary boot shine.” Always make the add-on something more that the customer would not automatically receive without the promotion and/or targeted services that your customers may not know you provide.

Publishing a “sports calendar” of events on your website increases customer (and prospect) interaction and contacts, giving you more opportunities to connect and adding to the number of touch points with the audience you want to reach. The touch points that they seek with you are always more valuable than those sought by the business.

As in all of your business-building efforts, the more thought you give to the opportunities, the more the possibilities will become obvious. Build in fun and excitement and the response will be rewarding – you, too, can win the gold!

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