'The Situation' Helps Launch 'GTL' Green Garmento Bag

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LOS ANGELES — To maintain his signature six-pack, Jersey Shore television personality Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino lives by the motto GTL: "Gym-Tan-Laundry." And a new partnership with The Green Garmento will offer a line of reusable bags imprinted with the GTL slogan and logo.
Sorrentino debuted the GTL-branded bags on ABC-TV's morning chatfest The View last week. "This is the official 'Gym-Tan-Laundry' bag," he told the four cohosts. "Not only is it economically friendly, you can technically use it as like, a suit bag. You can also turn it over and go to the laundry."
Like the original Green Garmento, the official Situation GTL Green Garmento starts as a hamper, converts to a duffel and transforms into a hanging garment bag, adding a logo designed expressly for The Situation. "There's nothing sexy about plastic bags," Sorrentino says.
Sorrentino is one of the breakout stars of the hit MTV reality show Jersey Shore, now in its third season. He was recently nominated for a 2010 Teen Choice Award in the "Male Reality Star" category.
"Watching Jersey Shore is mandatory Team Green Garmento office procedure," says cofounder Jennie Nigrosh. "During one of our Friday-morning recaps, we thought about creating a special-edition GTL bag, [then thought] 'Why not bring the idea to The Situation?' It would be a great way to spread a 'green' message to a whole new audience."
His manager liked the idea and arranged a meeting with The Green Garmento's marketers while the Situation was in Los Angeles to compete on Dancing with The Stars. "Mike [The Situation] said he really liked the bag," Nigrosh says. "A few months later, the final deal was made. We created the logos for the bags, and he liked them so much, he now owns them as his official GTL logos."
The Situation GTL Green Garmento is currently available in "Black Night" or "Green Grass" colors exclusively from The Green Garmento. Appropriately, they will soon be available at select gyms, tanning salons, laundries and other retailers.
To see The Situation's appearance on The View, click here. For more information about The Green Garmento, click here.


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