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Show Your Red, White and Blue Spirit

Call for stories and photos of when you cleaned something patriotic; e-mail [email protected]

CHICAGO — It’s that time again when we ask drycleaning owners to share stories of a patriotic nature from the fabricare industry.

So many dry cleaners do things for U.S. service personnel and veterans, including cleaning flags, uniforms and much more. And we put those stories and photos together in our reader favorite Red, White and Blue (And You) special feature coming in the July issue.

But we need your help. Please take a moment and share a story: maybe about an item youve cleaned that was particularly memorable; or a veterans story who comes in your drycleaning store; or fire, police, EMT and other service people who you have cleaned something for. Send your descriptive write-up, be as detailed as you can (we all love details), and e-mail it to: [email protected].

Also, please attach a high-resolution photo and a caption describing who is in the photo and the item cleaned. Photos are very important so please make sure to include with your story!

As an example, here is one of the many stories and photos shared last year; this one from Joseph D. Gagliostro, owner, Muldoon Dry Cleaners Inc., Auburn N.Y., who shared this with everyone: “Cool gift of this photo (see photo) that this veteran made up for me. He has been bringing his uniform in for over 50 years on a yearly basis for the Memorial Day parade going back to my grandparents. Weve never charged him a dime. He tears up every time he comes in.”

This Red, White and Blue (And You) special feature in the July issue helps celebrate our countrys Fourth of July spirit in our own fabricare style. But we cant share great stories and images without you!

Wont you help out this year and share a story and photo of something of a special patriotic nature, maybe something youve cleaned for our veterans or service personnel? Just e-mail [email protected] and do it today!  Need it by May 15.  Thank you very much!

muldoon dry cleaners veterans uniform web

Joseph D. Gagliostro, owner, Muldoon Dry Cleaners Inc., Auburn N.Y., shares this photo, a gift from his customer (seen in photo), a veteran who has been bringing in his uniform to be cleaned for the Memorial Day parade every year for 50 years. (Photo: Muldoon Dry Cleaners Inc.)

Have a question or comment? E-mail our editor Dave Davis at [email protected].