Scottsdale Drycleaner Wins Kudos from PETA

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Animal-rights activist group PETA honored Monte Carlo Cleaners owner Mark Mayes last week with its Compassionate Business award. The Scottsdale drycleaner refuses to handle items made of leather, fur and Angora, and is the first business of its kind to win the award.
PETA applauded Mayes' refusal to process garments made from the fur of Angora rabbits.
Although many consumers are aware of the practices involved in producing fur for garments, PETA says, fewer are aware of the animal cruelty involved in leather and Angora production. The organization cited a lack of painkillers in leather production and the lifelong confinement of Angora rabbits.
“By setting a strict policy against cleaning garments made of fur, leather and Angora wool, Mark Mayes is proving that commerce and compassion can go hand-in-hand,” says PETA vice president Bruce Friedrich. “He is also performing a vital service by educating his customers about the cruelty inherent in all fashions made from animals.”
Mayes received a framed certificate and letter of appreciation from PETA, which he posted on the wall of his Scottsdale plant. For more information, visit

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