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Sankosha Turns 40

Company hosts anniversary celebration in Japan

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Sankosha Manufacturing Corporation, Ltd. recently held its 40th anniversary celebration in Tokyo, Japan, writes Zengeler Cleaners.

The company is an international manufacturer and distributor of equipment for the drycleaning and laundry industry, with its United States headquarters located in Elk Grove Village, Ill.

The gathering of international leaders in the industry were treated to a festive celebration of the firm’s history, innovation and product development at the gala event, Zengeler notes.

“Sankosha was founded by Mitsuyuki Uchikoshi about a decade after starting his own career in the cleaning business,” relates Tom Zengeler, president of Zengeler Cleaners.

Zengeler explains that he has, “Enjoyed a long history with Sankosha, believing both companies share in their commitment to quality and value that eventually translates into the highest possible level of satisfaction for customers.”

The cleaners notes: “Because of the close relationship between the companies, Tom was given the honor of making the ceremonial ‘toast’ to Sankosha and the Uchikoshi family to officially commemorate the occasion.”

“Mr. Uchikoshi,” Zengeler points out, “began as a dry cleaner in 1968 and from the very beginning, Mr. Uchikoshi was always drawn to the role equipment played in the cleaning process. Because he was committed to making that process easier and more efficient, he eventually became a manufacturer of high-end equipment that focused on improving the workflow at every stage of the cleaning process.”

Zengeler also says: “As a visionary, Mr. Uchikoshi dreamed of marketing his innovative machines beyond Japan and wanted to expand into North America. He even went back to school to learn English to help him turn his vision into reality. After extensive research and a lot of hard work, Sankosha USA was born in Elk Grove Village in 1993.

“Mr. Uchikoshi’s next step was to identify qualified dealers throughout the U.S. and create partnerships with them, thus providing both sales and service domestically. This partnership network continues in full force right up until the present day,” Zengeler says.