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OXXO Care Cleaners says it, “operates within a transparent environment in which work, including hand ironing, is done in front of the customers,” as shown here in its Frisco, Texas, store, which celebrates ten years of operation. (Photos: OXXO Care Cleaners)


Experiencing what it calls, “fast payback with strategic locations,” is OXXO’s store in Frisco, Texas, located in a shopping mall with easy parking access.

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Seeing it all, from counter to back wall, part of OXXO experience

FRISCO, Texas — Operating in what it calls a transparent environment, like in this Texas store, OXXO Care Cleaners® announces the 10-year anniversary of its location here.

“Marisol and Francesco Cardiello were very successful restauranteurs in Venezuela, owning several family-service businesses,” says Salomon Mishaan, franchisor. “They contributed these qualities to the Texas market when opening the store in Frisco.

He notes that: “Their success over the last decade led to the opening of a store in Plano, Texas. Thanks to the market attraction to both of these stores, we were able to open another in Houston in 2017 and call Texas home.”

About the area, Mission says: “Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, and Plano is booming. Both are creating a lot of jobs and infrastructure development.

“With new households showing up every day, they need places to live, a road to drive their cars on, schools, and yes, modern dry cleaners. We are proud to be job creators in Frisco and Plano and hope to expand very soon.”

“Clients at both our stores have been increasingly using the 24/7 ATM-style door, the store’s Care Card, and recognizing our efforts to protect the environment,” says Marisol Cardiello, the Frisco and Plano store owner.

The self-described environmentally-friendly garment cleaning franchise says its the first to use GreenEarth® solvents while offering 24/7 ATM-style service in a European boutique setting,

The company calls itself a, “care cleaner because of what we call our ‘we care’ philosophy and commitment,” it points out.

“Our clients in this market are very demanding and our goal has always been to exceed their expectations,” Cardiello adds.

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