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Roll Brand Roll: Using Ads On Vehicles (Conclusion)

Command your audience’s attention with large, creative ad elements

CHICAGO — One of my favorite ways to market both drycleaning and wetcleaning plants is via the moving billboard.

Moving billboards — on buses, trucks, delivery vans and taxis — can advertise in places where stationary billboards can’t. However, similar to stationary billboards, moving ads can extend for a few days, weeks or months, and target a specific geographic area.

Typically, the vehicles that carry these ads tend to follow specific routes and offer strategic placement either outside or inside the vehicles to capture the attention of passengers, other drivers and pedestrians along the street.

They can also deliver your message in the same neighborhood or proximity as your competition; in and around busy city centers or shopping malls; and at special events.

Transit advertising exposures can serve multiple goals such as short-term, special-event promotions and long-term brand awareness.

Here are some more tips for transit advertising:


Deliver maximum exposure with your transit ad. Remember that your ad needs to be visible to drivers and pedestrians so make sure to size it appropriately. Command your audience’s attention with large, creative ad elements.


Mobile billboards are large flat surfaces, like traditional billboards, that adhere to vehicles and can be changed out as necessary. Wrap advertising is different. Wraps differ from mobile billboards because wrap advertisements typically envelope all of the vehicle, or a large portion of it. Many drycleaning facilities with pickup and delivery services will use a full van wrap to advertise those services.


Don’t go price-shopping on the internet and choose a random vendor to design your drycleaner’s transit ad. And don’t do it yourself. Choose a qualified, local vendor who can design and install the ad on your behalf.


Determine the length of time your ad is to run based on your goals. If you’re advertising a promotion, it might only run a few weeks. If you’re advertising your drop-off and pickup service, it can run for months or years. Just be sure to continuously freshen up your message so it doesn’t get stagnant!

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