Rethinking Drycleaning Coupons


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SARASOTA, Fla. — As with many parts of the country, drycleaning coupons abound in southwest Florida; but they only focus on getting the customer in the door, says Tom Beddia of Sarasota-based Greener Cleaner.

“We don’t focus on just getting the customer in, we focus on providing quality service at a fair price; no numbers games,” Beddia says. By not doing Sarasota laundry coupons or other drycleaners coupon offers, the Greener Cleaner is providing customer value with no gimmicks, the company says.

Drycleaner coupons are used by two sets of people: new customers and current customers, the company says. If new customers use the drycleaner coupons, they will save a few dollars and then pay regular price going forward. If current customers use the coupons, then the company cuts into their margins, and it has to make up the difference either in the level of service or in raising the price on non-coupon customers, the company says.

“Most of our customers find us by referral and not drycleaning coupons; they are just really satisfied with the quality of our service at the price we offer,” Beddia says. It all boils down to “looking good and feeling good.”


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