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Remembering Graduation Day

Students graduate from DLI’s fall 2018 drycleaning courses

LAUREL, Md. — Students from four nations and nine U.S. states attended the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute’s (DLI) fall 2018 Introduction to Drycleaning and Advanced Drycleaning courses, DLI reports.

“In its 91st year, DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology has trained thousands of dry cleaners all over the globe,” it says. Students learned about:

  • Sorting loads for dry cleaning;

  • The science of dry cleaning;

  • Fibers and their characteristics;

  • Fabric construction;

  • Cleaning silk, stain, and other fabrics;

  • Soil and cleaning theory;

  • Operating a drycleaning machine;

  • Stain removal chemistry and procedures;

  • Removing coffee, ink, grease, and other stains from clothing;

  • Pressing pants, coats, blouses, ties, pleated garments, and skirts;

  • Using tensioning equipment to improve finishing quality;

  • Using bleaches without damaging fabric color;

  • Distillation procedures;

  • Understanding the differences between solvent types;

  • Wetcleaning wool, silk, and more; and, 

  • Designing a drycleaning plant with the most effective workflow.

The next complete DLI course will be offered in two parts this coming February and March: Introduction to Drycleaning: Feb. 25-March 1; Advanced Drycleaning: March 4-15. Prospective students are invited to learn more and register by calling Melissa Wagner at 800-638-2627.