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The Relevance of Social Media in Dry Cleaning

Quarterly Your Views survey uncovers industry’s usage, benefits

CHICAGO — This quarter’s American Drycleaner Your Views survey asked the trade audience, “How would you describe your business’ social media presence?” Here is what respondents revealed:

The majority, or about 42%, say their use is above average, posting three to four times a week. Equal shares of 13.9% say they are average users that post weekly or infrequent users that post a couple times a month or less. Around 8% post daily, calling their business a strong social-media user. The remaining 22.2% of respondents don’t use social media for their business.

The survey also asked, “Have you made adjustments to your company's use of social media recently? Why or why not?”

While approximately half of respondents indicated they have not made any changes, those who have offered details:

  • “Starting to use it more frequently, it seems to be the best way to attract younger customers.”
  • “Yes. We remind the community that we are open for business.”
  • “Increase to try to recover from pandemic downturn.”
  • “Yes, I hired pros to do that for me.”
  • “Increased it. Need to acquire more customers and let them know our services are available in a contact-free transaction.”
  • “Increased postings to keep customers aware.”
  • Yes, posting more, pushing delivery and WDF.”
  • “Yes, ensuring we aren’t tone-deaf to the current pandemic and BLM (Black Lives Matter) issues in relation to consumer messaging.”
  • “Yes, we make adjustments and customize our messaging/branding periodically. Being a multi-channel service provider, our target audience changes based on how they preferred to be met. So we speak to them all by different social-branding communication styles.”
  • “Yes, because it is cheaper than regular media.”
  • “Always looking for new ideas to post.”

Dry cleaners were also asked, “What social media do you use for your business?” Respondents could select any or all among five choices.

Facebook is used by 78.8% of those surveyed, while 54.6% use Instagram. One-third (33.3%) use LinkedIn, and 21.2% use Twitter.

One-third selected “Other,” pointing to online tools such as Google, Yelp and YouTube.

American Drycleaner also asked the industry, “What do you use social media for professionally?” Again, respondents could choose any or all from a handful of responses.

Equal shares of 69.7% say they use it for relationship building and for posting news about their business. Roughly 30% use social media to post relevant industry information, and 24.2% find it helpful in sourcing client leads.

Other responses to this question included:

  • “It’s a way to reconnect with old friends.”
  • “Job applicants.”
  • “Services we offer.”
  • “Just getting the brand out.”

Lastly, the survey asked, “In what ways has social media been beneficial to your business?” Respondents say:

  • “It attracts new customers.”
  • “Better communications with our customer base.”
  • “More applicants.”
  • “More online signup.”
  • “Build our reputation.”
  • “Helps create awareness of our services directed at target groups.”
  • “Maintaining customer awareness of hour changes, updates to policies and COVID safety measures.”
  • “Brand presence and tone.”
  • “It has definitely helped us define our urban presence. It allows us to convey all of what we do and how we truly impact communities for which we serve. It allows us to have fun. It allows us to offer promotions. It allows us to connect with other platforms for collaboration, etc. It’s just a remarkable tool.”
  • “When customers have posted favorable reviews or comments. Usually these are in private HOA websites.”
  • “Increase sales.”
  • “Saves on advertising costs and it is helping to expand our route to new clients.”
  • “We have not seen much change as of now! Still trying to get a sense of how it works and how to take advantage of those platforms. No time to understand how it works, also budget for someone to manage.”
  • “Helped us build a community.”
  • “Reached an additional demographic.”
  • “Keeps us in front of customers.”

The Your Views survey offers a current snapshot of the trade audience’s views. Qualified subscribers to American Drycleaner e-mails are invited to participate anonymously in the unscientific poll.

Relevance of Social Media in Drycleaning
Relevance of Social Media in Drycleaning

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