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Relaxx, Lytx Video Solutions Have Arrived

Fleet-based system takes guesswork out of tracking drivers, and fosters driver safety at one San Diego dry cleaner

SAN DIEGO — Lytx®, which describes itself as a global leader in video telematics, has installed a customizable, video-based fleet solution to help Relaxx Dry Cleaning, a San Diego drycleaning business, keep track of assets and technicians, and foster safer driving, it notes.

“For service fleets to optimize efficiency and safety, traditional telematics just isn’t enough,” says Jim Brady, Lytx vice president of product management and user experience.

“Instead of just dots on a map, field services fleets are increasingly seeking an all-in-one video telematics solution from Lytx,” Brady relates.

Managers at Relaxx Dry Cleaning, a family-owned and -operated valet drycleaning and garment care service with 15 vans, wanted to take the guesswork out of what was happening with their assets and technicians in the field and on the road, Lytx writes.

“With same-day delivery offerings, we have to be strict about our cut-off times for customers,” says Will Jones, general manager for Relaxx Dry Cleaning.

“With both the driver safety and the fleet tracking sides of the program, Lytx’s technology has helped us develop a sense of accountability within our fleet,” Jones says. “In a small fleet, we need to know that every single one of our drivers is doing their job safely and effectively at all times.”

Jones and his team also use the Lytx fleet tracking service, it notes, for on-demand service requests.

“If a hotel hasn’t put out its garments by the designated time, our drivers move on with their routes, but we often get conflicting calls from customers. With Lytx, we have a concrete record of when our driver was at the specified location that we can show to a customer,” adds Jones.

Lytx points out that its map search feature in particular allows Relaxx Dry Cleaning to search for vehicles and quickly access associated videos based on time and location.

If managers receive a call regarding a vehicle, the company notes, even with vague time and location information such as, “Around 2:30 p.m. on Friday in downtown San Diego,” they can enter the approximate location and time and all available information will be quickly served up on an interactive map, it indicates.

“We provide visibility into not only safety, but also potential customer service issues like traffic conditions and pickup and delivery barriers. We integrate our leading-edge video capabilities with telematics to deliver unparalleled value,” notes Brady.